Lost Spell – the match & slash puzzle game

Time to reveal the secret of the magical runes!
Lost Spell is the first ever Match & Slash game. It is a classic match-three puzzle mixed with a multiple-slash gameplay.

In this game, your target is to find chains of matched orbs (gems) , and connect them with fast accurate slashes — the longer chain you make,  the higher score you win.

The gameplay is totally different from generic match 3. The multiple-slash gameplay is very intuitive, and gives the game an action-like rhythmical flavor.

The game comes with 3 different game modes :
* CLASSIC : Long-run survival game mode, accurate action are necessary
* MASTER: Time-limited game mode,  magic spell will help you play faster and faster.
* ZEN: A fast-paced action-like game mode, it’s a challenge to your skill and reflexes.

Screenshots of iPhone & iPod version:

Screenshots of iPad version:

* Press Reviews

“Lost Spell is a lot of fun, and presents a great twist on a classic genre. Swiping to make matches is effortless and intuitive, which means this game is a winner.”
—- PadGadget.com 4/5

“If you’re bored with the status quo match-3 games, Lost Spell introduces a new experience that’ll reinvigorate your puzzle spirits.” 
—- AppStoreArcade.com 9/10


* Lost Spell is made with MOAI SDK

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